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Jack Pollak

Chief Strategy Officer Jack Pollak has spearheaded business development across multiple industries, including manufacturing and transportation. He is the founder and former president of Freightopolis. Jack went on to serve as Director of Operations at MVP Plastics.

Don Riley

Senior Director of Sales & Operations at Asset Science, Don has spent more than twenty years at companies such as Verizon, TESSCO Technologies, Assurant Solutions and Bithgroup Technologies and later, Viking Technology.

Philip Dalton

Philip works with OEMs, factories, repair, reverse-logistics and telecom markets in Canada and Europe. Fluent in English, French and conversational Japanese.

Brian Worrell

Brian is focussed on the North American market for the repairs and reverse logistics sectors, along with smaller OEMs or carriers.

John Sheeran

John is Asset Science’s CEO. Previously with Motorola and Blackberry, John has spent his career tackling the issue of diagnostics.